General Provisions.
This website is owned and operated by I Do Rentals LLC, a North Dakota company (hereafter “Our”, “We” or “Company”). Our principal place of business is located in Mapleton, ND.

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  • Option 1 = $1200 + any additional a la carte items
  • Option 2 = a la carte pricing

We reserve the right at any time and from time to time to modify our product
pricing on this website with or without notice.

Total Due Now = 50% of Proposal
Total Due 30 Days Before Event (list date) = Remaining Balance

I agree to pay I Do Rentals any payment due 30 days prior to listed event date.

I Do Rentals may use part or all of the deposit to repair any damage to any items caused by the Lessee. However, I Do Rentals is not limited to the deposit amount and Lessee remains liable for any balance. Deposits are not returned for cancellations within 60 days of event date.

Late Return.
If any items are returned to I Do Rentals after the date and time that the rental period ends, the Renter agrees to pay a charge of $250 per day for each day beyond the end of the rental period, until all items are returned.

Damage or Loss.
The Renter will be responsible for risk of theft, damage, loss, or destruction of the all items from any and every cause. If while in the Renter’s possession any item(s) become damaged, the Renter agrees to pay for any and all costs of repair, up to the current value of the item. If while in the Renter’s possession, any items become lost, the Renter agrees to pay its current replacement value.

Weather Related Risks.
Customer assumes all weather related risks involved in holding an outdoor event. Should damage or incident result from high wind, snow, rain, flooding, extreme cold or heat, or any other factor beyond I Do Rentals control, Customer shall still be liable for payment in full of all charges.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Our website and company for any direct or indirect loss or conduct incurred as a result of Your use of Our website and any related communications, including as a result of any consequences incurred from technological failures such as a payment processor error(s) or system failure(s).

Customer will take all necessary precautions regarding the items rented, and protect all persons and property from injury or damage.

Customer agrees to hold I Do Rentals harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, judgments, attorneys’ fees and costs of every kind and nature, including, but not limited to, injuries or death to persons and damage of property, arising out of the use, maintenance– installation, operation, possession, ownership, or rental of the items rented, despite cause.

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If any part of these terms and conditions or Our privacy policy is deemed unlawful and/or unenforceable, all other provisions contained herein will remain in full force and effect.

I Do Rentals will contact you to determine drop off and pick up date and location.

I agree to the terms and conditions as listed.